Articles I’ve written over the years.

  • Creating an Aperture Vault on a NAS drive
    Set up an Aperture Vault for backup on a NAS drive which is technically unsupported directly via Apple. September 4 2009
  • iTunes and the iPod: Questions & Troubleshooting
    Do you have an iPod and have a question about it? Something not working exactly how you want it? You can read here and find out answers to common questions. Updated: September 27 2009 First published: January 27 2006
  • Podcasting
    One of the latest buzz words is Podcasting. But what is it? And does it relate to iTunes and the iPod? November 24 2005
  • A McLuhan look at modern TV/Film viewing
    In October 2005, a major change took place in the distribution of visual content, making it easier for people to purchase content and view it not just in front of their TV, but on computers and other mobile media. November 17 2005
  • Where did the first human arise?
    Modern humans first evolved from the earliest Homo from Africa, but where did the first Modern human come from? There are two theories: Multi regional Evolution, or Complete Replacement. May 24 2005
  • Integrating Audio Hijack Pro and iTunes
    Audio Hijack Pro is a great application for the Macintosh which allows you to record any type of audio from your mac, including internet streams. This article takes a look at Audio Hijack Pro and how you can easily integrate iTunes to create a cool trendy February 26 2005
  • Bond, James Bond – The History and Appeal
    A look at the history of James Bond from his creation to all of his movies. I go through each of the actors who played Bond, to each of the movies and onto the appeal of James Bond. July 24 2004
  • Masonic Home for Adults, Union City
    A look at the history of the Free Masons and one of their homes that they built in Union City. December 22 2002
  • Full Circle by Micheal Palin
    Micheal Palin is a world traveler and writer. In this trip, Micheal travels in full circle around the world. December 21 2002
  • The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
    On January 28th, 1986 the world was stunned when the space shuttle challenger left Florida on a very icy morning and only 73 seconds into launch exploded killing all on board. What happened? And why? December 21 1995