About Davinder

I am Davinder.

During the day I write code dabbling in PHP, TypeScript and JavaScript.

In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking, home improvement projects, designing, watching great TV, movies and listening to music. I have too many genres of movies/tv and music but my favorites are sci-fi, drama, comedy, smooth jazz, soft rock, pop, new age… (I have a lot of favorites).

While I’m not doing any of that, I do like to travel and eat great food.

Oh, and I do enjoy running – although I need to get back into it again.

3 Replies to “About Davinder”

  1. Hey Mahal, hope you’re doing well. I had a really funny question but i remember there being a Desi MTV video that was on your site years ago and i was randomly remembering videos i used to obsess over and remembered that being one of them. I was wondering if you had it uploaded anywhere or if you still had it and were allowed to share it. I wanted to show my friends as well (haha).


  2. Hey i grew up watching curry comedy, and that was way ahead of its time, any chance you still have any of those vids posted online somewhere?

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