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JetBrains Mono is a font for developers

I’m a software developer and I sit in front of the computer all day long looking at code which can be...
25 sec read

Twenty Thousand Hertz on Ted Lasso

I’ve found a new podcast to listen to called “Twenty Thousand Hertz” which discusses and talks about audio production. As a...
14 sec read

Apple discontinues the iPod, it’s an end of an era

Apple revolutionized the mp3 player market when they unleashed the iPod in October 23, 2001. Just over 20 years later, today...
1 min read

Sean Connery, who played James Bond, dies aged 90, RIP

Sir Sean Connery has passed today away at age 90. Sir Sean Connery was the first actor to play James Bond...
16 sec read

Stay safe, stay healthy

I wish everyone to be safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis. It’s important to stay home and keep social distancing...
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