Kara’s song from Battlestar Galactica

It’s amazing how the mind works when it comes to memory and music. I was listening to a Classical station on iTunes Radio when a song started to play which I’ve heard it before. However, I couldn’t figure out where exactly I’d heard it before. I kept having visions of space and Starbuck (Kara) from Battlestar Galactica as she sat playing the piano. It was clear, I remembered this track as Starbuck’s song but I keep doubting myself because I believe Bear McCreary composed all the music and his name was not being displayed as the artist on iTunes. It turns out, “Starbuck’s song” is actually called “Metamorphosis One” and it was originally composed by Philip Glass from his album “Solo Piano”. The album that came on iTunes was by Bruce Brubaker called “Glass Piano”.

It’s truly amazing how the mind can immediately recognize music and bring out all of their associated memories.

If you’d like to go down memory lane, here it is on the iTunes Store (or Apple Music) listen to Bruce Brubaker’s Glass Piano

Or the original, by Philip Glass

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