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More preference settings are needed for iMessage

iMessage is by far the best feature added to iOS 5.

I use it all the time and every single day. Before iMessage was around I rarely used text messaging because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to pay more for a highly priced text messaging plan.

Although iMessage is awesome, I do wish it had more preference settings, specifically in dealing with sending text messages when iMessage is, for some reason, unavailable.

The preferences for iMessage are bundled under Messages in the System Preference app.

iMessage by default is off, but once it’s activated the only other option is “Send as SMS” which will make the phone push a standard SMS (where regular text messaging rates apply), which is on by default.

I turn this feature off because I don’t want to use text messages, but Apple should add more granular preferences.

1. Give me an option to differentiate between US and International text messages.

This is important because there are times when I don’t mind using text messages in the US but I can wait a few minutes for iMessage to work correctly for international messaging. Allow me to “Send the iMessage when the service becomes available”.

2. Allow me send as an SMS on a per-basis situation.

The phone should attempt to deliver by iMessage but it can’t, so ask me if I want to send it via SMS or wait until iMessage is available.

These are two simple adjustments to iMessage which will really give me the control of how my messages are sent and allowing me to control my costs.


Text to Speech tip

Mac OS X has Services that you can use throughout the Mac. When you right click to get the Contextual Menu, you can often see these options towards the bottom of the menu. Things like, “Tweet”, etc. One new option they’ve added recently is “Add to iTunes as Spoken Track”. You can select any text on the screen, whether it be in Mail, or a web browser, select this option, Choose the voice and name the track and Boom, it’s in iTunes. If you hit play, all the text you selected will be read out to you.

Just think of the possibilities. You don’t have time to read the latest article online, so you quickly select all, “Add to iTunes as Spoken Track”, sync and off you go. You can then listen to the article on your iPhone or iPod.


Steve Jobs, I’ll miss you

I never wanted this day to happen yet we all knew it was coming, perhaps even sooner since Steve’s recent resignation.

Steve Jobs passed away today, and I am very sad along with many others. Twitter and Facebook is full of tributes to Steve Jobs including from those that are surprised they feel this way.

Steve Jobs is my hero, my idol, my inspiration and my mentor.

During the summer of 2001 I was given a wonderful opportunity to go work for the company that Steve Jobs created. I became a QA intern working on a new unknown product called iTunes.

I remember one day, I came to work a little later than normal because I had just been arguing with FedEx as my first Apple Titanium Powerbook had been lost in shipment. I wasn’t in a pleasant mood and just wanted to get to my cube. I walked into the elevator along side another employee and hit the “3” button. This guy outside the elevator walked in backwards while talking to someone. He kept talking and talking, holding up the elevator. I wanted to say, “ah come on, hurry up”, but I didn’t. He eventually stopped talking, and turned around to face me. I looked at him and was a little shell shocked. It was Steve Jobs. I had heard stories that Steve had fired someone in the elevator so I didn’t know what to say. “Hi, how are you?” was about all I could say. He smiled and replied, “Just a little busy with MacWorld next week”. And with that the elevator opened and I had to walk out. I couldn’t wait to get to my cube to tell everyone else who I had just met in the elevator. He made my day.

I saw him a few times on campus and it always amazed me that for someone who was a billionaire, he always wore the black shirt and gray shorts. But I thought it was great because he’s down to Earth. As interns we also had the privilege to have a Q&A with Steve in Town Hall. He talked about why he came back to Apple, and how passionate he was about not allowing Apple to disappear. And boy, did he turn it around.

Steve was a genius, a thinker, and a believer. He has changed the world, not only for those who have Apple products. He has reinvented the computer, changed the music industry, and revolutionized the mobile industry. With his leadership he has truly revolutionized the world and the way in which we use technology. Even if you don’t own a single Apple product, the products you do own have been created in someway because Apple did.

The world has been forever changed for the better because of Steve’s amazing vision. He turned a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy to the worlds most valuable company. He has created products that change the way we think, the way we do things, and the way we live. It’s these things that I have been inspired by.

Steve, you have influenced and changed my life in many ways in my personal life, my work life, and the even the way I life by. I am passionate with what I do because of you. If I’m going to do something, I want it to be meaningful and I’m not afraid of changing the world. I remember the day when someone called me “the Indian Steve Jobs”, I felt so incredibly proud.

Steve, thank you. Thank you for everything. I will remember you.


MacOS X Server to be included in OS X Lion

Over the past couple of days I’m surprised that no one has picked up on the fact that Apple is going to be including their server offering inside of the standard Mac OS X.

Up until now if you wanted to run Mac OS X’s server solution which includes their calendar, mail, wiki, and other collaboration tools, you had to either buy their Mac Mini Server for $999 or purchase the software separately and run it on your own hardware. Now, however, when Apple releases the next version of Mac OS X, Lion, you will automatically have all this for free.

It makes sense for Apple to streamline the development of their operating systems as they no longer have just Mac OS X to worry about but instead their iOS too. Simplifying their workload will hopefully make their turn around times with the Mac OS much faster. Of course, it also is great for people to become familiar with the OS X Server offering before deploying it within their home or business.

No matter what, I can not wait to get my hands on Mac OS X Lion when it’s finally released! Thank you Apple.


8 Cores! That’s the new Mac Pro!

One week before MacWorld Apple has released brand new Mac Pro’s with 8 Core’s standard! That’s every Mac Pro having 8, that’s 8 Cores!

These are definitely some nice power houses for high end video and graphics. I’d love one. These new Mac’s can also power up to 8 30 inch displays! Can you imagine that.

There were also new XServes on the table too.

Also of cool note, the Mac Pros and Xserves now come with 4Gb Fibre Channel. That is sweet for all your high end video people out there!

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