How to remove stickers from my Mac Book lid

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I recently wanted to remove the stickers from my Mac Book so I slowly pealed them off and they were gone! However, in it’s replacement was a sticky residue on the Mac Book lid. My usual technique for removing this gunk is to use Isopropyl alcohol, so I grabbed a bottle, poured some on a paper towel and cleaned it, and, it was there. After a little searching online I came across one tip and tried it. I took some WD-40, sprayed it onto a paper towel and cleaned the laptop lid and the sticky residue came right off! I was actually surprised a little by that but it worked. The lid does get a bit oily, so I would suggest taking another paper towel and cleaning it with water. (Remember water on the paper towel NOT on the laptop.) Anyway, this seemed to work great for me.

The Mac Book lid is clean and shiny ready for the next round of stickers.

If you do try it yourself, be very careful, as you don’t want to get WD-40 or water anywhere else. (And do at your own risk!)

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