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Worlock – Sherlock meets the Doctor!

After watching a podcast interview of the Sherlock team by Apple, I heard about this “Sherlock meets the Doctor!” fan film...
16 sec read

Styling with Light Leaks

Cinematographer, Director and Editor, Kiran Sangherra, writes a guest article Using Light Leaks to Add Stye to your Films
4 sec read

Be Real.

It’s been a crazy few months writing code but it’s finally time to unveil Be Real. Be Real is a mobile...
28 sec read

More preference settings are needed for iMessage

iMessage is by far the best feature added to iOS 5. I use it all the time and every single day....
55 sec read

Text to Speech tip

Mac OS X has Services that you can use throughout the Mac. When you right click to get the Contextual Menu,...
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