John Oliver on Journalism

10 Aug

John Oliver discussed the topic of Journalism in the US on his show “Last Week Tonight” last Sunday (August 7th, 2016).

I agree with him and saw this trend in journalism taking place over the past few years as readers want more for free and jump online to get it.  I found my “news” sites were becoming more and more irrelevant and were loaded with random content from around the world, videos of cats and of celebrities. Whereas, I didn’t even know what was happening in my local city government.

Watch John’s story on journalism and I encourage you all to subscribe to at least one good local newspaper to help keep journalism alive and to help you know what’s happening in your own city.

Vertical Video Syndrome PSA

30 May

Vertical videos drive me nuts. People on their mobile phones recording videos vertically instead of horizontally the way we’re supposed to watch them. Here’s a great video explaining why you should not record video vertically.

Worlock – Sherlock meets the Doctor!

3 Mar

After watching a podcast interview of the Sherlock team by Apple, I heard about this “Sherlock meets the Doctor!” fan film on youtube. I watched it, and was amazed with the quality of this video. It didn’t look 100% real but it look so darn close. This is an amazing piece of fan work that anyone who is a Doctor Who and Sherlock fan should watch!