Security Now podcast from TWIT

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sn300I listen to a lot of podcasts as primary source of media. Over the past few months I’ve been listening/watching more shows from the TWIT Network and “Security Now” has fast become my favorite.

Steve Gibson is the primary host, along with Leo Laporte,  and each week he gives in-depth technical knowledge about computer security. How are attacks taking place, what to look out for, the ins and outs of cryptography. In this week’s show, he talks about iOS security based on the Security document Apple published and calls Apple’s security “crypto heaven” – except for iCloud Keychain.  It’s a fascinating episode to listen to.

If you, like me, are interested in online and computer security, this is definitely a podcast to start viewing. Go to Security Now on Twit to check out the show.

Twenty Thousand Hertz on Ted Lasso

I’ve found a new podcast to listen to called “Twenty Thousand Hertz” which discusses and talks about audio production. As a big Ted Lasso...
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