Congratulations Mr. Obama!

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I’ve just witnessed an amazing and historical event in United States history, Mr. Barack Obama has become the first African-American man to become President of the United States of America.

I’m so proud to be an American at this moment for this achievement.

I’m a democrat and over these past 8 years I’ve become more wary about our nation’s politics and most definitely have not liked the direction it’s been going in. As a nation, we need change and today we’re going to get it.

I’ve been quite worried over the past few months about this election. I was afraid it would end up being like the last two plagued with ‘machine errors’ that allowed the Republicans to steal the election, but I’m so happy that that didn’t happen tonight. Instead, people voted and the machines counted correctly giving the people of America the man they want to lead us, Mr. Barack Obama.

I’m looking forward to at least the next 4 years as Obama as our President. His science and technology plans do excite me as finally we have a President who understands that we need to embrace technology for our every day use and not just to create more efficient weapons of mass destruction.

Who will be the first CTO of the government? That’s something I wondered when I voted for Obama in the California primaries. I hope that as a country we’ll be able to raise the speed of broadband from 256kpbs to something that’s faster than a 3G network, perhaps 10Mbps is broadband. Why do we settle for 6Mbps being the Ultimate connection when countries in Asia are riding on 30 or even 60Mbps connections.

I’m excited. It was amazing watching the results come in tonight. Unfortunately I was working as 8pm rolled around in California and I missed out on the statements that Obama is the projected winner. I started truly watching during McCain’s speech.

I have to say I believe McCain is a nice guy who truly believes in the goodness of America but just clearly didn’t know where to take it. Of course, I couldn’t stand the thought of an uneducated beauty queen being next in line to the Presidency. That was just a stupid and dangerous appointment by McCain.

Watching TV of the crowds in Chicago, the people in Times Square, the people in the streets just watching, the excitement was all around. America wants a change and Barack Obama as our new President will give us that change. I’m relieved today went well for America and world. The world wanted Obama. To me, that’s also amazing. People in all countries were following this election, they all wanted Obama to win to give America a new breath of life within the world. To bring hope to the world that America isn’t a warmongering nation.

To Mr. McCain, thank you for your contributions during your career. I wish you the very best in Washington as you continue to be a Senator and now help to bridge the gap between party lines.

And Sir, Mr Obama, our new President elect. I congratulate you on your successful campaign and your victory to the Whitehouse. I wish your Grandmother was able to have been with you to watch this historic event.

Congratulations to everyone, to every American lets pull this country back up.

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