Switching to Hover

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I’ve been using a well known domain registry for a while now. You know, the one with a crazy super bowl ads, women plastered all over the screen, and more recently with a crazy CEO killing elephants in Africa. I believe enough was enough. After being sick with the constant up sell every-time I tried to do some thing there, I’ve switched to a new domain registry.

I listen to MacBreak Weekly over at Twit.tv, and they’ve been recommending Hover.com so I thought why not give them a shot. They give you a nice clean interface for transferring and domains with zero, that’s right, zero up sell. It’s clean and quick! It’s awesome. On top of that, within the standard price you get the secure registration where they hide your contact information.

If anyone is interested in a domain name, check out hover.com

Update: Just found out they store their passwords as plain text. This is not good and at this point would not recommend Hover.

Update 2: Even though I complained about this, I was told customers want this type of ease of use. However, a few weeks later, this news came out on a major hacking site and Hover had to change their code and say that passwords are now encrypted.

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