MacOS X Server to be included in OS X Lion

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Over the past couple of days I’m surprised that no one has picked up on the fact that Apple is going to be including their server offering inside of the standard Mac OS X.

Up until now if you wanted to run Mac OS X’s server solution which includes their calendar, mail, wiki, and other collaboration tools, you had to either buy their Mac Mini Server for $999 or purchase the software separately and run it on your own hardware. Now, however, when Apple releases the next version of Mac OS X, Lion, you will automatically have all this for free.

It makes sense for Apple to streamline the development of their operating systems as they no longer have just Mac OS X to worry about but instead their iOS too. Simplifying their workload will hopefully make their turn around times with the Mac OS much faster. Of course, it also is great for people to become familiar with the OS X Server offering before deploying it within their home or business.

No matter what, I can not wait to get my hands on Mac OS X Lion when it’s finally released! Thank you Apple.

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