Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Coming a few days, okay, a couple of weeks late, “Happy New Year!” After reading back on my last couple of posts, I’d definitely say the year 2010 was a very interesting year indeed. I’ve got a ton of blog … Read More »

Nearly at the 6 month mark

29 May

It’s nearly been six months and already this year has been quite eventful. So much to tell, however, one of the things I’ve realized this year is to be more private about my life. Oddly enough, people have come to … Read More »

2010 has arrived

1 Jan

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! That’s right, it’s 2010 folks. 10 years ago everyone was stressing about the infamous Windows y2k bug and many thought the world was going to end. A decade has passed and we’re still … Read More »