The ninth month of 2009 – What have I been up to?

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The last time I wrote I said I was going to be a lot more social and interact on my site and blog. I have been absent for the past nine months in what seems to be a very strange year.

I became very busy at Yahoo! while working on Delicious. I have a passion for mobile and I started working extra time on my own mobile design that I prototyped, designed and built. Due to things out of my control this work will never see the light of day. In the short months afterwards, I started to realize another calling and was mentally starting to depart from Delicious. I love the product but I knew it was time for a change. As I was preparing myself to quit, Yahoo! made the layoffs announcements so I decided to wait and see what happens, and what do you know, I was laid off! Although I was saddened to leave my team that I enjoyed working with but I was also very happy for the change.

I enjoyed my time at Yahoo! working specifically on Delicious. Both with the knowledge that I gained from helping to build the system, and also from learning about such a powerful and useful web service. I hope to write more about Delicious and how you – whether a newbie or a power-user – can use Delicious to enhance your web browsing and retrieval. Thank you Yahoo! for the one year and 7 months of employment. It was rocky at times, but wonderful nevertheless.

I took some time off, made a few trips including a vacation to Hawaii with Sonu, one of my college buddies- see my flickr photos – and Seattle. I came back and started to organize the next phase in my life. I also worked on projects I’d been putting off for a while, including creating my sister’s wedding albums. I did that using Apple’s Aperture which was another learning experience. I’ve still got a lot of photo organizing to do, including posting more photos on flickr but I’ll get to that sometime later.

I’m working on a project at the moment which is actually quite exciting. It’s a fairly large e-commerce project which might sound a little boring but it is not. In the process of working on this, I’ve been trying to setup the most ideal web development setup. That hasn’t gone exactly to plan, as I had a few hard drives fail on me and that always takes time dealing with that aftermath. At times, it was definitely one thing after another.

Right now, I’ve been sick for the past week or so, thus I haven’t been able to work properly but this has given me time to think about things, which is also good.

Today, not only I am writing this blog entry, I’ve written a quick “how-to” article on how to create an Aperture Vault on a NAS drive. I haven’t written an article in a while, but I do hope to write more, specially as mentioned on Delicious and of course other things. I’ve got lots of quirks and bugs to handle on this site, including some styling issues with the most recent article I just wrote.

Hopefully, this is a start to something more frequent. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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