2010 has arrived

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Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

That’s right, it’s 2010 folks. 10 years ago everyone was stressing about the infamous Windows y2k bug and many thought the world was going to end. A decade has passed and we’re still here alive and kicking. It amazes me how fast time seems to travel as each year passes.

I did a lot during the 2000’s, sometimes it amazes me at some of the projects I worked on and the people I met, the friends I have made. Sure, I had my ups and downs in life, but who’s life doesn’t? Now it’s 2010 and the new decade starts I look into it and ask myself, “What’s next?” I have my list of goals and I’ve already been working hard on the path to fulfill them. What’s exciting though is that now that the year has rolled over my goals are for this year.

2010 will be a big year for the life of Davinder Mahal and it shall be interesting.

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