49 Stories by Davinder

Equifax data breach and freezing your credit

The hack and data breach Last week, Sept 8th, Equifax one of the three major credit reporting company announced they had been hacked a...
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s2n handles all AWS S3 traffic, what is s2n?

Today, Amazon is announcing they are using s2n to handle all the secure traffic in and out of S3.  Congratulations to AWS! What is...
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Godspeed Apollo! Rest in peace Mr. Richard Hatch

When I heard the news from a friend today, I was absolutely gutted. I still am. I can’t believe Richard Hatch, the magnificent actor...
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Change Firefox session store interval to save your SSD

Majority of our computers boot from Solid-State-Drives (SSD).  This is great for performance, but SSDs have drawbacks due to the inherit way that they...
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Antivirus software is bad for you and your computer

You may want to think twice before installing Antivirus software on your computer.  For decades installing Antivirus software on your computer has been recommended...
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