50 Stories by Davinder

Antivirus software is bad for you and your computer

You may want to think twice before installing Antivirus software on your computer.  For decades installing Antivirus software on your computer has been recommended...
1 4 min read

Webfaction a hosting company for developers

It is daunting trying to find a good web hosting company.  About a decade ago, I found WebFaction and have stuck with them ever...
0 3 min read

Change the default search in Alfred

I’ve been a user of the Alfred app for MacOS for many years. It’s a very useful tool that allows me to be much...
7 1 min read

John Oliver on Journalism

John Oliver discussed the topic of Journalism in the US on his show “Last Week Tonight” last Sunday (August 7th, 2016). I agree with...
0 29 sec read

How to stop videos from autoplaying in Firefox

Recently I have become frustrated when videos automatically start playing in tabs in Firefox.  This happens as I click links that are opened in...
1 1 min read