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Webfaction a hosting company for developers

It is daunting trying to find a good web hosting company.  About a decade ago, I found WebFaction and have stuck with them ever...
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Change the default search in Alfred

I’ve been a user of the Alfred app for MacOS for many years. It’s a very useful tool that allows me to be much...
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John Oliver on Journalism

John Oliver discussed the topic of Journalism in the US on his show “Last Week Tonight” last Sunday (August 7th, 2016). I agree with...
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How to stop videos from autoplaying in Firefox

Recently I have become frustrated when videos automatically start playing in tabs in Firefox.  This happens as I click links that are opened in...
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From Apollo to Tom Zarek – The Battlestar Galactica Memoirs by Richard Hatch

If you are a fan of Battlestar Galactica, you’ll easily recognize the name Richard Hatch. He played Apollo in the original 1978 version and...
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