49 Stories by Davinder

Why programming manuals aren’t on audiobook

This is a funny example of why having a programming manual is not a great idea. Why programming manuals aren’t on audiobook from Simon...
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Backups – overview and strategy to backing up

Recently several family members and friends have talked about losing some of their data from either their phone or their computer. It today’s age,...
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Kara’s song from Battlestar Galactica

It’s amazing how the mind works when it comes to memory and music. I was listening to a Classical station on iTunes Radio when...
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Quick fix for the OpenSSH security bug

This week a pair of critical security vulnerability found in the OpenSSH client that can allow an attacker to read the user’s computer memory,...
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Vertical Video Syndrome PSA

Vertical videos drive me nuts. People on their mobile phones recording videos vertically instead of horizontally the way we’re supposed to watch them. Here’s...
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