50 Stories by Davinder

Happy New Year!

Coming a few days, okay, a couple of weeks late, “Happy New Year!” After reading back on my last couple of posts, I’d definitely...
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Nearly at the 6 month mark

It’s nearly been six months and already this year has been quite eventful. So much to tell, however, one of the things I’ve realized...
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2010 has arrived

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! That’s right, it’s 2010 folks. 10 years ago everyone was stressing about the infamous Windows y2k bug...
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The ninth month of 2009 – What have I been up to?

The last time I wrote I said I was going to be a lot more social and interact on my site and blog. I...
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Cleaning up, switching to YUI, better blog, and going more social

It has always been my goal to write more on my blog. I enjoy writing but I have not had a chance to really...
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