How to stop videos from autoplaying in Firefox

Recently I have become frustrated when videos automatically start playing in tabs in Firefox.  This happens as I click links that...
56 sec read

Backups – overview and strategy to backing up

Recently several family members and friends have talked about losing some of their data from either their phone or their computer....
7 min read

How to remove stickers from my Mac Book lid

I recently wanted to remove the stickers from my Mac Book so I slowly pealed them off and they were gone!...
40 sec read

How to fix a grayed out folder on the Mac

I have a lot of data and I often find myself copying massive amounts of data from one drive to another....
1 min read

More preference settings are needed for iMessage

iMessage is by far the best feature added to iOS 5. I use it all the time and every single day....
55 sec read